Eight Company Principles

We, as creators of the Corld platform, believe these principles
will gather people and connect those who share common values
around the world under Corld’s unique social platform.

The eight core principles of Corld will not only define our values,
but also reveal them through our actions. In order to create a living culture,
which survives and flourishes, we must continually work to
nourish these core values. This ethos will envelop our leadership,
community, and collective creation.

  • Community Respect

    Corld is a person-centered platform which aims for the best experience while utilizing a quality time spending medium for both users and creators. Every member of our community contributes, and collaborates in creating, and updating the Corld platform. Our community is defined not by our customers or products, but by shared experiences.

  • Sharing Economy

    Corld embraces a Sharing Economy Model for both individuals and businesses, by sharing all financial, moral, and social success within its vast community. Our value is centered on contributions made through these successes.

  • Self-Expression

    Every individual has unique gifts and experiences. Self-expression is one way to share those gifts with others, and is one of the first steps to self-discovery. Corld encourages its community to broaden perspective of self, through expression and action, thereby aiding in the creation, improvement, and sustainment of up-and-coming personal brands.

  • Self-Discovery

    All people need inspiration, support and guidance through personal journeys. Corld strives to be the medium people use to get inspiration from each other and help one another on their self-discovery journey. It does so by providing meaningful guidance, connecting with a variety of individuals, and incorporating relevant content, in order to inspire those searching for self-discovery.

  • Communal Effort

    Corld values creative cooperation and collaboration. We strive to produce, encourage and promote methods of communication that support diverse styles of interaction across a variety of cultures.

  • Privacy

    Respecting individual privacy and securing personal information is always Corld’s promise.

  • Value Sharing

    Value sharing through our unique social platform provides communities with opportunities to support each other as they achieve their goals and overcome challenges. It is our social responsibility to provide a space for people to help other people, communities, and charities.

  • Quality

    Corld persistently strives to create quality products, placing high value on the user experience. Dedication to the organizations and individuals who use Corld is consistently displayed through a user optimized atmosphere.