A Collaborative World

Almost all social networks are designed around individual beings.
That’s not how people experience life. We are all social beings.


We aim to become a geography-independent, interest-based,
experience-sharing medium where people exchange their
knowledge, share their experiences, inspire and support one another.

We envision sharing moral and financial successes with every
contributor, by designing a crypto-economic sharing model in
order to return value to those who offer valuable contributions,
beginning with the creation of this unique social platform and
continuing through its global success.

Eight Company Principles

We, as creators of the Corld platform, believe these principles
will gather people and connect those who share common values
around the world under Corld’s unique social platform.

The eight core principles of Corld will not only define our values,
but also reveal them through our actions. In order to create a living culture,
which survives and flourishes, we must continually work to
nourish these core values. This ethos will envelop our leadership,
community, and collective creation.

  • Community Respect

    Corld is a person-centered platform which aims for the best experience while utilizing a quality time spending medium for both users and creators. Every member of our community contributes, and collaborates in creating, and updating the Corld platform. Our community is defined not by our customers or products, but by shared experiences.

  • Sharing Economy

    Corld embraces a Sharing Economy Model for both individuals and businesses, by sharing all financial, moral, and social success within its vast community. Our value is centered on contributions made through these successes.

  • Self-Expression

    Every individual has unique gifts and experiences. Self-expression is one way to share those gifts with others, and is one of the first steps to self-discovery. Corld encourages its community to broaden perspective of self, through expression and action, thereby aiding in the creation, improvement, and sustainment of up-and-coming personal brands.

  • Self-Discovery

    All people need inspiration, support and guidance through personal journeys. Corld strives to be the medium people use to get inspiration from each other and help one another on their self-discovery journey. It does so by providing meaningful guidance, connecting with a variety of individuals, and incorporating relevant content, in order to inspire those searching for self-discovery.

  • Communal Effort

    Corld values creative cooperation and collaboration. We strive to produce, encourage and promote methods of communication that support diverse styles of interaction across a variety of cultures.

  • Privacy

    Respecting individual privacy and securing personal information is always Corld’s promise.

  • Value Sharing

    Value sharing through our unique social platform provides communities with opportunities to support each other as they achieve their goals and overcome challenges. It is our social responsibility to provide a space for people to help other people, communities, and charities.

  • Quality

    Corld persistently strives to create quality products, placing high value on the user experience. Dedication to the organizations and individuals who use Corld is consistently displayed through a user optimized atmosphere.

Five Design Pillars

We analyzed social media users’ general problems with popular
social media platforms and used this data to determine their wants and needs,
as well as the challenges they face when using social media platforms.

We grouped those problems and desires as follows:





Audience Understanding

We created Corld based on these pillars and are excited to introduce
Journey ”.

Journey is a group of photos and videos, which are, yes, similar to an album,
but with many additional features. Journey is a visual collection of one
experience, one passion, one interest, one event, one person, and so much more.

Thanks to Journey, we can solve the problems social media users
experience, while still giving them exactly what they want.



Even though I only like seeing road trip photos from that one friend of mine, I am forced to see photos of her children, her make-up tutorials, her lunch, her everything on my news feed. This is solely because I follow her on social media.


Follow a Journey, not a Profile! Your friend can now cluster her traveling content while separating it from photos of her kids. Therefore, you don’t have to view photos of her children just because you follow her travel journey. Instead, you can choose to follow only her traveling journey.



I want to keep my vacation photos private from work colleagues, but share them with friends and family. However once those photos have been uploaded, all of my followers see them.


Create a Private Journey! You can create a summer vacation journey and hide it from your colleagues.



I cannot create collaborative content with my fitness buddies. We are unable to share collective photos and videos with others.


Create a Collaborative Journey! You can create a fitness journey and add one or more of your friends as Contributors. This enables you, as well as your Contributors to upload photos and videos together.



I cannot easily connect with people who share similar interests with me. For example, people who are both a dog lover and a whiskey aficionado.


You can easily discover people with similar interests (Are you a dog lover and a whiskey aficionado?).

Audience Understanding


Social Media Platforms do not share data with me. It is impossible to obtain information about the demographics or interests of my followers.


You can acquire a complete breakdown of demographic and interest-based information about your followers.

Eight User Personas

Corld will introduce several use cases which prompt users to make transactions using Cedium. The following eight personas demonstrate how Cedium is integrated into the Corld atmosphere.


16 years old

Los Angeles

Junior in High School

Jane is a cheerleader at her high school. She and her friends exchange videos from training sessions and games.

Journey Name


Journey Type

Public Journey


20 Contributors

Jane uses her Cedium to see detailed stats of her followers.


19 years old

San Francisco

University Student

Carmelo is a huge fan of basketball and has been playing since seven years old. He enjoys sharing his training videos with other basketball lovers.

Journey Name

Melo’s Basketball

Journey Type

Public Journey


No Contributor

He uses Cedium to boost his Journey in order to connect with other basketball fans around the world.


24 years old



Jayla is a famous stylist in London who combines various brands’ 2018 fall collections, and displays them for her followers.

Journey Name

Fall Outfits 2018

Journey Type

Premium Journey


No Contributor

Jayla requests Cedium to let any user see the content in this Journey.


28 years old

Rio de Janeiro

Dog Lover

Isabella is in love with her dog Cupcake and builds a Journey for Cupcake. Every day, she shares photos and videos for Cupcake’s many followers.

Journey Name


Journey Type

Public Journey


No Contributor

An international dog food company sponsors this Journey which enables Isabella to receive monthly sponsorship payments via Cedium.


34 years old



Ravi is a philanthropist dedicating this Journey to poor people in Mumbai. Through Journey, he has pioneered a charity which encourages people to offer free meals to those struggling in Mumbai.

Journey Name

Meal Giveaway

Journey Type

Public Journey


5,500 Contributors

Other Corld users who discover this charity can choose to send Cedium to support this Journey.


Phuong creates a Journey for runners in Los Angeles. Runners can upload photos and videos from different parts of LA. Together, they form the LA running ecosystem. With this Journey, they are able to discover, connect, and meet with people who share their passion for running.

Journey Name

LA Runners

Journey Type

Public Journey


34,000 Contributors

Nike endorsed this journey. Nike also organizes special events in which people can win Nike gifts.

FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona constructs a Journey for fans world-wide, encouraging fans to upload photos and videos, while wearing their jerseys.

Journey Name

FC Barcelona Fans

Journey Type

Public Journey


340,000 Contributors

Barca gives Cedium to each Corld user who uploads a photo of themselves with a jersey.

Coca Cola

Coca Cola creates a Journey, asking people to capture creative pictures, which incorporate a coca cola product.

Journey Name

Creative Shots

Journey Type

Public Journey


200,000 Contributors

Coca Cola boosts this Journey by including each Corld user living in Tokyo, in order to reach a greater population.

MVP without Cedium Integration


Cedium Integrated Prototype



Cedium resides at the core of our unique Sharing Economy Model.

Both individuals and businesses will be able to use Cedium, which serves as our sole accounting unit, for all economic transactions made within Corld.

Corld Ad Platform

Cedium will be the sole payment method for buying advertising space on Corld.

Advertisers will make a payment in Cedium by using the Ad Platform.

After doing so, advertisements will be revealed to users, who will instantly receive a portion of that advertising revenue via Cedium.



  • Oct:

    MVP without Cedium Token (CEU) Integration is Ready & CEU Integrated Prototype is Ready

  • Nov:

    CEU Integrated Product Design

  • Dec~Feb:

    CEU Integrated Product Development

  • Mar:

    Beta Testing & User Onboarding

  • Apr:

    Product Launch

  • May:

    User Testing & Improvements & Expanding CEU Integration


  • Oct:

    Smart Contract and Token Development & Security Audits

  • Nov:

    Pre-TDE (Nov 05 - Dec 03)

  • Dec:

    Token Distribution Event (TDE) (Dec 03 - Dec 31)

  • Jan~Feb:

    Secondary Market Launch

  • PR & Marketing

  • Oct~Dec:

    Community Building & TDE Marketing

  • Oct~Dec:

    TDE Business Partnerships & Roadshow

  • Jan~May:

    Influencer Agency Partnerships & Editorial Calendar Opportunities

  • Feb~May:

    Global PR & Marketing (The Game)

  • Team

    Cem Unsal

    Co-Founder and CEO

    Cenk Unsal

    Co-Founder and COO

    Taylan Pince

    Mobile Team Lead

    Serkan Terek

    UX Lead

    Yigit Guler

    Backend Team Lead

    Kaan Eryilmaz

    Design Lead

    Sam Onat Yilmaz

    Investor, Finance &
    Token Economics Advisor

    Gavin Knight

    Investor, Token Economics &
    Technology Advisor

    Avi Albohayre

    Head of

    Marjinal Porter Novelli

    PR and Communication


    Blockchain Solutions

    Brad Bulent Yasar

    Strategic Advisor

    Eversheds Sutherland

    Legal Partner

    Hedman Partners

    Legal Partner

    Key Notes

    A cutting-edge social media experience with its own cryptocurrency

    A brand-new social media experience with combined feature sets which accommodates social media users’ needs

    Working MVP prior to the token distribution event

    Several unique revenue generation models for every user

    An innovative revenue generation platform for influencers, bloggers, celebrities, and content creators

    A contemporary advertising medium for brands with unique targeting and natural advertising features

    The advertising revenue is distributed directly with Corld users

    A Message from CEO


    For Investment Opportunities

    If you are interested in investing in Corld
    and want to learn about our investment terms,
    you can send us an email at investment@corld.com

    For Individual Contributions

    If you want to help us pioneer a unique
    social media experience or want to be among
    our initial users, you can send us an email at community@corld.com